Our ‘Posh’ stuff from Poppy + Ted!


Every now and again you come across a company that has a totally spot on, their branding, their products, their images, their social media, their products are just absolutely spot on! Companies that you just love to follow on Instagram because their pictures are always so classy and their products are always so perfect! Even the colour theme of their website which is a sort of peach and mint just exudes a high level of style and ‘feels expensive’.

This company constantly manages to keep its finger on the pulse of its customers and has a good idea of what they want the directions they should take next and which products or fabrics are going to be popular with their client based. Through their IG stories they seek advice and feedback from their followers.

I followed Poppy + Ted on their Instagram not long after getting the pups back in the Summer (2018).


They have loads of things which are popular at the moment a mermaid leatheretteconstellation patternspots and cacti with the added bonus that you can pick the colour of your hardware (choice of rose gold, matt black, silver or uni-chrome) and also a choice of trim (pink, grey, lilac, green and blue). I absolutely love to personalise stuff as much as possible, so things like these small choices are likely to sway me over companies that don’t offer customisation like this.

I ordered Honey, the ‘Watercolour Mermaid’ Harness with the purple trim and I ordered for Ham a ‘ready to ship / in stock’ item, the only one they had in his size at the time was ‘Watercolour Cactus’ with a grey trim. They normally have quite a good selection of ready to ship items so if you are looking for a gift for someone or need something for your pooch quite urgently you should be able to get something if you’re not too fussy about the print / hardwear. I think it was about 25 days from me ordering my item to it arriving, customer service was excellent though, I ordered the two items separately and they put both order together and didn’t charge be extra postage was great.

One thing I will say is that vs other brand of harness I get I think the hardwear is a bit heavier and the trim is a bit more chunky, we were on holiday in Cairngorms when we put these on the pup and they got quite heavy as result of getting wet which meant that they probably weren’t quite as comfortable that some of the other brands we use. I also had to wash them a couple of times to get them clean, whereas the mesh ones the pup have more of tend to wash dead easy and dry quicker! I do still love the Poppy + Ted harnesses though, they feel super high quality but I think I will definitely keep them for posh! I don’t think I would necessarily use them for our muddy or wet walks again. Perfect for your city walks or your dry walks though!

As well as harnesses, they also sell collars, leads and other accessories! I have a soft spot for the gorgeous Pearlescent Leatherette Collars, absolutely gorgeousness! I will eventually get something for Pippa from Poppy + Ted when she gets to a more permanent size!

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