Ham & Honey

The adventures of two little Jack Russell siblings

Viva Dogs Valentine's Box

The dogs love receiving them and they do seem to know what they are when they arrive, they are eager to see what is in the box. They don't enjoy getting toys from the shop in the same way. They get all buzzy and snatch all of the toys out of our hands.

Electrifying - Reversible Harnesses from Electric Pup

Honey and Ham each have two Electric Pup reversible harnesses each. They both got a new Electric Pup harnesses at Christmas time, I had some issues with Paypal at the time and the customer service I received after this was absolutely first rate.

Posing in Ernie and Theo Bandanas!

We were lucky enough to win an Instagram competition at Christmas time to win one of Ernie and Theo's 'Bee Happy' bandanas. They also do a cute selection of treat jars and personalised plaques and signs to hang your dogs stuff on! Definitely drop by Ernie and Theo's website and check out their wares!

Apple and Carrot Dog Biscuits

Last summer we attempted to do some dog friendly baking, we did some doggo banana bread which they weren't really a fan of and then we also tried making from Apple and Carrot dog biscuits.

Thrunton Woods - Our favourite place

According to the description on Visit Northumberland the wildlife in Thrunton includes squirrels, deer and birdlife, however whenever we go we do remark on the fact that actually we don't see or hear hardly any wildlife there, and liken it to part of The Matrix where they have forgot to install the wildlife. Yeah seriously.

Floral and Fabulous - RooRoo Pet Harnesses

I first discovered Roo Roo Pet at the end of Summer last year when they appeared as a suggestion on Instagram - @roorootpet. Admittedly they don't have a huge range of items but the quality of the harnesses are absolutely first rate.

Big and Little Dogs Reversible Harnesses

One of my favourite things by Big and Little Dogs is their reversible harnesses! It's basically like getting two harnesses for the price of one! In their most release they released 'Great White' and 'Sea Life' which is totally perfect for us lot who live on the coast!

Summertime Throwback to Bamburgh Beach

Bamburgh beach is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society as being one of the best beaches with the best rating of water quality. Due to it being quite a tourist area in nature there are also lots of cafes, restuarants and ice cream shops close by if you want to grab a bite after your walk.

Bandanas from Barks & Squeaks

Barks and Squeaks stock all kinds of things, they sell grooming items, homeware, accessories, pet blankets and beds and some super cute hampers for the animal lovers in your life.

Keeping Cosy This Winter with The Pawdrobe

The Pawdrobe stocks various handmade dog items, scarves, collars, bow ties, dog beds, charms, name tags, all sorts including a new range of bandanas which are coming soon!

Our ‘Posh’ stuff from Poppy + Ted!

Every now and again you come across a company that has a totally spot on, their branding, their products, their images, their social media, their products are just absolutely spot on!

Our Autumn Break in the Cairngorms

The home that we chose and that met our complex wish list, located in Logie Coldstone – was a lovely one storey cottage in the woods. We were completely surrounded by trees, we managed to take the dogs for some lovely walks just around the we could see deer and squirrels from our window, it was utterly idyllic and exactly what we were looking for in a rural retreat.

We became JangoWears affiliates!

One of the things that I personal love about Jangowears is that Holly (the boss!) and Jango both live just a few miles from us lot, I love supporting local and it makes me so happy to support another person in the North East.